Plantronics s12 hookup

If you pull apart during a call, simply snap the QD pieces back together to resume your call. If you are looking for a wireless headset solution rather than corded, the Plantronics CS or any other model starting with "CS" is compatible with the vast majority of single- and multi-line corded desk telephones. Click here if you are looking for a Plantronics wireless Bluetooth headset. Headsets for Dispatch. Follow Following Unfollow. Chat Form X Please ensure popups are enabled for oneview. Installation is quick and simple!

There are many phones with specific idiosyncrasies not detailed above. Headbands and Neckbands. Corded Headsets for 2. These jacks are standard on most cordless phones manufactured in the past few years. You can also click here for the Plantronics Compatibility Guide.

When searching for compatible headsets for desk phones, if you cannot find a particular IP phone model number by searching for "Mitel" in the Manufacturer filter, select "ShoreTel" instead.

How Does a Plantronics Headset Connect to My Phone?

Contact Support. Please click here to see if your phone is listed as headset-ready. The QD also acts as an "on hold" function. Over-the-Head Headsets. Shop All Wireless Products.

What are the Supported Headsets for Softphone and IP Phones?

What about the Plantronics S12 complete corded headset system? If your phone DOES have a dedicated headset port, you will be able to directly connect a headset without the need to lift and lower your handset receiver for each call and without the need to purchase an external amplifier for your corded headset. Plantronics QuickDisconnect also called "QD" refers to the flat, black, plastic connector photo at left at the end of every corded Plantronics H-series headset and every Polaris P-series headset. Once you've determined that your cordless phone is equipped with a round headset jack, simply click here. Over-the-Head Headsets. Click here to learn more about cellular phones with standard 2.