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To my future daughter, People will either judge you for being too weak or too strong. The truth is it will probably hurt me, too; but it will also not surprise me. Your age will become your pride, as your beauty only grows with the wisdom you acquire from years of listening, laughing and loving. You will know that if no one else loves you I love you and YOU will love yourself. And Happily ever after is when you return to Him.

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She will know that fighting like a girl means fighting with her all. He actually goes the extra mile to prove it. Live by textures and colors. I will pick you up from school everyday unless work prevents but on days it does, I will surprise you with something from the toy store or to anger your mother, your favorite ice cream. Through you, I found strength. And I vow to drop everything to help hear with you when you need it most, until you begin to learn how to hear His voice for yourself. I want to tell you a few things that I wish a wise older woman would have told me years ago.

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17 Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know About Dating

Do not eat healthy because you think that your thighs are growing too large if the food disgusts you. Sweetie, I hope you realize that your worth extends far beyond your looks. Do not date him because he is too weak to stand on his own Do not date him because his heart is much too hard for your kind Do not date him because he does not call the sanctuary in between your arms home. It makes my breath catch just thinking about the salty, wild freedom the ocean possesses, while at the same time it provides a sort of serene therapy. It was either that or seeing our account getting banned. Be a thorny rose. She will have faith in herself.

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to my future daughter dating
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to my future daughter dating
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To my future daughter dating

You could never be weak. When you alter your personality for anyone, you lose a little part of yourself. Dear Future Daughter. He has been there to pick me up when I am down. Xoxo The twenty-two year old mind of your mother. I have a warm water creek rushing over my cheeks and face.

to my future daughter dating
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